On the initiative of the Doctoral Program in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, and in collaboration with the other two biomedical area programs, Neuroscience and Molecular and Regenerative Medicine, the nearly 100 doctoral students affiliated with this sector at Unimore gather annually at the Matildica Abbey of Marola (Centro Diocesano di Spiritualità e Cultura), nestled in a magnificent natural setting within a chestnut grove in the mountainous municipality of Carpineti – Reggio Emilia, to attend a residential Spring School titled “Research Methodology in the Biomedical Field”.

The initiative has two main objectives: firstly, to provide doctoral students with updates on the latest developments in biomedical research methodology, focusing on study design, identifying research protocol limitations, and accurately processing data and interpreting results. Secondly, the residential course aims to facilitate interaction among doctoral students working in diverse fields such as medicine, biology, pharmacy, and other disciplines. This interaction fosters dialogue and potential future collaborations among young researchers operating within the three major areas traditionally encompassed in the biomedical field: basic laboratory research, clinical applications, and public health.