PhD student SupervisorThesis
Virginia BrighentiFederica PellatiNew methods for the study and characterization of natural products as sources of bioactive compounds
Lavinia Beatrice GivaManuela SimoniDifferent targets for modulating macrophage functions in cardiovascular and metabolic disease: focus on sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors and acetaminophen-induced liver injury
Maurizio Greco Giovanni PellacaniThe different ways collagen reacts after different laser treatments: Morphological in vivo study
Maddalena Marchiò Giuseppe BiaginiThe ketogenic diet and ghrelin in pharmacoresistant epilepsy
Eleonora Maretti Eliana LeoAnti-tuberculosis therapy by pulmonary route: passive and active targeting to macrophages using lipid nanoparticle assemblies
Elvira MoscarellaGiovanni PellacaniMultiple primary melanomas: clinical, dermoscopic and histopathological characteristics according to BRAF mutational status
Simona Paulone Elisabetta BlasiNovel strategies employed against Candida albicans biofilm: in vitro studies
Luca Pinzi Giulio RastelliComputational approaches in polypharmacology
Sara Roversi Enrico CliniClinical and prognostic implications of cardiac diseases in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: From literature review to the clinical presentation in real life
Navneet Saini Paola BorellaComparison of different strategies for controlling Legionella spp water contamination in hospital settings
Leda Severi Maria Paola CostiProteomics studies for the identification and validation of alterations of molecular cellular profiles induced by new drug candidates and in response to therapy
Angela Toss Massimo FedericoStrategies to predict treatment response and select therapies in metastatic breast cancer patients using a next generation sequencing-based multi-gene panel

22 March 2018 – Members of the Committee

Prof. Giuseppe Biagini
Department of Biomedical, Metabolic and Neural Sciences
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy

Prof. Stefano Alcaro
Department of Life Sciences
Magna Græcia University of Catanzaro, Catanzaro, Italy

Prof. Guido Bocci
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Prof. Estevão Lima (Expert member)
School of Health Sciences
Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal