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Translational Medicine


Research Topics:

A "bench-to-bedside" approach is pursued to translate results obtained by experimental medicine into practical solutions to current clinical challenges  in the fields of oncology, respiratory diseases, nephrology, dermatology, endocrinology, metabolic diseases, rheumatology and neurology. Innovations in the field of drug development, medical devices and good practice will be implemented with the clinical application as part of the goal of the curriculum in translational medicine. The multidisciplinary approach is considered a must to promote the optimal synergy among basic science and clinical applied research.

Specific topics include:

  1. Molecular and cellular fundamentals of diseases and molecular targets for the pharmacological treatment of organ damage;

  2. Translation to clinical medicine of biomedical advanced technologies (omics, molecular biology, viral vectors, etc.);

  3. Exploitation of new immunological techniques in experimental medicine;

  4. Development of in vivo and in vitro models and technologies based on regenerative medicine to characterize new therapeutic approaches



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