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Cellular and molecular pathophysiology

Cellular and molecular pathophysiology
Mission :
Basic research applied to biomedicine represents the primary educational goal of cellular and molecular pathophysiology. The teaching plan is aimed at providing Ph.D. Students with specific information concerning cellular and molecular bases of diseases and  the molecular targets of drug treatment of organ damage.
This area includes studies on disorders of the connective matrix; free radicals, oxidative and nitrosative stress; cardiovascular disorders; ischemia-reperfusion damage; pharmacology and therapy of organ damage; transplanted organ rejection; compatibility of biomaterials and diseases related to nanoparticles; proteomics applied in oncology and in chronic-degenerative disorders; lung and kidney disorders and infectious diseases; applications to experimental medicine of microbiologic and virologic techniques; immunology and immunopathology.
Research Lines: (2011)
·         Pharmacology
·         Proteomics
·         Pneumology
·         Nanotoxicology
·         Lipidomics
·         Infectivology
·         Immunology and Immunopathology
·         Carcinogenesis

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